To baptise a baby or young child, at least one of the parents must be a practising Roman Catholic and a Godparent must be a practising Roman Catholic. 

Baptisms usually take place on a Sunday at 12.00 pm. 

To book a baptism please contact the Parish office, 

The date of Baptism sessions will be announced in the Parish newsletter.


Weddings at St Patrick's can take place any day  from Tuesdays through to Saturdays. 

To book a wedding please contact the Parish office, 


We will offer practical and spiritual help in planning the funeral of a loved one. 

We will: 

+  Help with choosing the right kind of service 

+  Help with choosing hymns, readings, music and flowers. 

+  Help with choosing burial or cremation.   

+  Help with choosing a Funeral Director. 

Every year, we remember those that have recently died by gathering for a very special and prayerful Remembrance Mass in church to which all the bereaved will be invited. 

Every week, during Sunday Mass and in our newsletter, we remember the anniversaries of those who have died. Also during the month of November we celebrate a Mass for all those in our parish who have died in the past year and for their grieving families. 

The John Bosco Hall is also available for booking for your baptism, wedding or funeral gathering.

Please feel free to telephone the Parish Priest on 01633 672334 for further assistance.

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